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Micro ATM

Micro ATM has made our life very easy. There is no doubt about it. However, in the cash crunch scenario like today Micro ATMs is the best suitable option. Micro ATM is small POS type machine. Micro ATMs allows customers to perform financial transaction like cash deposit, withdrawal, and fund transfer.
Micro ATM is a mini version of an ATM. Micro ATMs are like modified point of sales terminals this terminal can connect to banking network via GPRS to perform banking transactions. This machine contains card swipe facility and fingerprint scanner. These machines are handy and not capable of keeping any cash. The cash is carried by the Retailers along with him/her. He/She is also responsible for collecting cash and depositing it user account.
Divya Pay Retails Outlet has the Micro ATM Facility by which Customer can Deposit, Withdraw etc. Now the Customer has not go to the Bank and ATM standing in a long Queue.