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Pan Card

The Permanent Account Number (PAN) card, issued by the Income tax Department, is one of the most important documents nowadays. The card was issued in order to prevent tax evasion by individuals and entities as it links all financial transactions made by a particular individual or entity. o prevent money laundering, PAN card is compulsory for anyone who wants to make a cash deposit or withdrawal of more than Rs.50,000/- in a day from the bank. Government of India has made it mandatory for all the individuals to possess PAN card that includes PAN card for students as well. ... As PAN card can be possessed by both the adults and minors, PAN card for students can act as alternative identity proof of school identification card.
Divya Pay Retailers apply for PAN Card from UTI. Customer can go to the Divya Pay outlet where our Retailers help the customers in making their PAN Card by this way the customer can make their PAN Card easily.